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Dar Beldi


Dar Beldi

FOUR BEDROOMS IN A GARDEN IN A FLOWER AND SCENTED GARDEN 300 METERS FROM BEACHES. The house is located in the tiny "medina" of Oualidia, in the heart of the popular district of Moulay Abdessalam.

Moroccans have long kept the secret of this small resort on the Atlantic coast, a secret that begins to open up to European tourists. They appreciate Oualidia for its charm, its authenticity, the great beauty of its lagoon, numerous beaches and of course the friendliness of its people. Take a trip by boat, walks along the sandy shores, swim in the refreshing water and stirred the ocean or in the calm water of the lagoon, visit the salt marshes, and observe the many birds you are interested in sea For sports: surfing, kite surfing, tennis .... Enjoy oysters known throughout Morocco, spider crabs, lobsters, lobster and outgoing water fish grilled on the same beach or in the many restaurants Oualidia. You will keep a wonderful memory of this unique and magnificent site on the edge of the ocean.

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Boite postale 88 Douar Moulay abdessalam

24252 Oualidia MAROC