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The largest center is Marrakech where artisans design trays, lamps, lanterns, tea pots, incense burners, boxes, mirror frames, fittings, railings ...

They have mastered all the techniques of repoussé, chiseled, hammered, inlaid. Their favorite metal remains the copper just coat the exterior doors wide carved plates as can be seen on the doors of the royal palace in Fez.


The word "morocco" referred to in the fifteenth century from Morocco leather, leather work and now refers to the leather business. That's how old this tradition is especially Fez where you can still see the tanneries with their colorful and foul tanks. From the skins tanned goats, artisans make round or pointy slippers, embroidered for women; horse saddles or camels in the Saharan regions; leather bags and cases for daggers often embroidered with colored son. More tourist are ottomans, wallets, hats.

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Costumes, ornaments and jewelry Berber women

While it is now rare to encounter on a daily basis Berber women dressed in their traditional costume, they never fail to bring it to the holiday season or moussems which are the great business of the villages in the Atlas. Over baggy trousers and a shirt, they put on a long tunic held by brooches or pins and cinched at the waist with a belt in the colors of the tribe. Coated their hair with henna, braided and cleverly arranged are hidden under a scarf in bright colors, embellished with chains, wool son or silver charms. Jewelry is an indispensable part of the regalia. Sterling silver, they must be heavy, bulky and conspicuous. They are worn by imposing necklaces of brown or honey amber beads interspersed with silver beads or coral earrings to pendants, bracelets clanking in. The fibula can be a simple ring with his pin or subject to multiple forms plaques. All this shimmering and glittering whole is still enhanced by makeup. The feet and hands, women are making sophisticated henna tattoos. They emphasize their eyes with kohl and redden their lips with carmine, some also wear tattoos on the chin or forehead. Thus adorned, beautiful Atlas will capsize the hearts.

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